The Lavender Room

The LAVENDER ROOM has a king-sized bed, with attached full bath. Your restful sleep will be in a beautiful antique poster bed with pineapple finials.

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Every year, Dave goes on a salmon fishing trip in the Niagara River, taking a friend with him. I take the wife and we do our own kind of fishing…I’m always ‘fishing’ for a souvenir that’s not a tacky T-shirt, and many years ago, discovered ART. So I’m in Niagara-on-the-Lake strolling along after dinner and see a fabulous painting in a gallery window. The next day we were there when the gallery opened, and I purchased my first John Newby painting. Since then ‘none have gotten away’ so to speak, as each year I have to see what he has painted since I was there last. By the time you visit, the Iris may be in a different room, as I change the wall art around frequently, but a John Newby flower will likely be on one wall. Another Iris graces the room in the form of a quilted wall-hanging by Vicki Faoro. It was the very first piece of art I purchased wwwaaayyy back in the 70’s . Sorry, that is not accurate. I bartered maple syrup for it. Anyway, Vicki went on to be nationally recognized in the quilting world.

In the hallway between the Lavender and Blue rooms is an antique shaving stand. Every year a dealer from Florida stays with us, and every year he asks if I am ready to sell it to him. I say no, and then he tells his wife to distract me while he backs up the van to the back door…When I had seen the stand at an antique show and sale, I thought it was so apropos for a Bed and Breakfast, and also because our last name is Barber.