The Green Room

The GREEN ROOM has both a queen-sized bed and a twin-sized bed with an attached full bath.

The antique cherry sleigh bed and cherry dresser were both purchased locally.

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Over the bed are posters from Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, from a trip we made in 2000 to visit friends. In 1980, we had participated in the American Host Program which placed European teachers in American homes over the summer, an adult version of ‘exchange students.’ We hosted a young German couple who made this trip their honeymoon. We became fast friends and have stayed in touch all these years. They made us promise to visit them in their home; it took us 20 years, but we finally flew over and had a wonderful reunion.

The quilts in the rooms and hallways were, for the most part, made by Mennonites. One summer I went to an Arts and Crafts sale at the St. James Church in Lake Delaware (nearby) and met ‘Susie’, who owns a quilt shop in Penn Yan. We visited and visited and ended up being friends! In one afternoon! I’ve stayed overnight in her home and toured her quilt business and quilt shop.

The sideboard in the hall once belonged to a great aunt and uncle. A sweet photo of my grandmother as a child graces its top.