The Blue Room

The BLUE ROOM is actually a mini-suite, with a queen-sized bed in one room, and two twin beds in a small attached room. The full bath is detached, meaning that you have to walk a few steps to your bathroom, but it is yours exclusively. This setup works great for families, or for those traveling with another adult that you could share the bath with, but don’t want to share a room. A couple would simply not use the extra room unless they had requested two beds. (This set-up is not available for 2 couples)

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The furniture in the main room; bed, dresser and wash stand, was built by my great (maybe 2 greats~I can never remember how many) grandfather upon his return home from the Civil War. All of the posts on the bed were hand-turned on a water-powered wood lathe. A photo of him, Milo Miles Lines, adorns one wall.

Other décor includes a quilted watercolor wall-hanging, and a framed set of flowers formed by layered cut paper.

In what we call the ‘suite-room’ is a birds-eye maple dresser that we obtained from my mother-in-law’s best friend. The photos on the wall are of my grandmother as a child, along with her grandparents and their friends. In the first photo they are hand-cranking homemade ice cream, and in the second, enjoying the results of their labor!