Start Your Morning Right!

Come downstairs in the morning to an invitingly set table, different linens and dishes every day according to the season or holiday.

Occasionally a guest will ask just how many sets of dishes and place mats do I own??? I won’t tell! I say that you have to just keep staying another night until I start to repeat. One day I mentioned that I had my eye on another set, and after the guests left, I found that they had tipped me enough to purchase them. (That is not a hint, just a true story).

Conversations at breakfast often include questions about farming, animals, nature, etc. as Dave is knowledgeable in those areas.

I’m not knowledgeable about anything, but I bake a mean muffin…OK OK, so I know a little bit about a number of things. Between us, we manage to cover all the bases.

Of course, a choice of coffee or tea will be made, and juice. The first course will be fruit, perhaps a baked apple in the fall, sliced fresh peaches in the summer, or blueberries picked from our own bushes, served with a dollop of yogurt.

Next, a warm homemade muffin nestled in a basket all cozy-like with its friends. Date-nut, chocolate-chocolate chip, bran with a cream cheese filling, or crumb-cake are among the favorites. Top it with homemade strawberry jam.

And last but definitely not least, an entrée will be served. One day it might be pancakes with sausage, the next, ham and cheese casserole, again, a favorite among our repeat guests.

During the week, a continental breakfast is served. You’ll have hot and cold beverages, fruit and muffins, and granola with yogurt or milk. And of course, the granola is homemade, as well.

All this, served up with generous amounts of conversation and laughter, will start your day in a great way!

Hunters who are getting up anytime between 3:30 AM (not me!) and 7:00 AM will find coffee, cereal, English muffins and the like, set up in the kitchen for self-serve.

If you have a food allergy or are vegetarian, you need only to give advance notice, and the menu will be adjusted to suit your needs.